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Another branch of our main business is SEO, SEO Audits, SEO Strategies, SEO-oriented Web Architecture, Keyword Strategy and SEO Onpage.

Our advantage: Expert SEO auditors

Having clear objectives, having defined the different buyer persona of the brand, once the competitors have been analyzed and I understand the market and the sector. It is time to define the architecture of the web.

The architecture is key, not only will it define each click that the user makes when browsing the web page, but it will also define the hierarchy of information and content for the user and especially for search engines (Google, Bing , Yandex ...).

SEO audit

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SEO Audit: Expert Level

Server, Architecture, Front End, Typography

We audit each of these categories (with their respective subcategories) of your website and we explain to you which implementations must be carried out for your project to be successful. Make better business decisions based on a detailed analysis of the current state of the website.

Our SEO audit is a complete advanced analysis of all the points that affect your web positioning, in this way you will know what are the solutions that must be implemented to optimize the web and its positioning.

Search engine optimization or search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in organic results. To understand this process we need a complete SEO audit, to be able to take actions and decisions focused on improving the position of your website.

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