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Digital Marketing

What is the digital marketing in 2021?

Digital Marketing Strategies

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Digital Marketing

We offer all kinds of digital marketing adapted and designed for the growth of your business.

We analyze the state of your business from a digital marketing point of view.

We set real goals tailored to your budget (spending € 2 million on Google AdWords anyone is on the first page of Google).

We set the goals to follow so that our digital marketing becomes the most effective to reach your objectives.

Search engines

Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads

Social networks

Facebook e Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, Linkedin Ads

By email

Email Marketing, design & sending

Design & Print

Logos, Business Cards, Flayers, Catalogs, QR Code

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In case you don't know

What is the digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a business management tool that aims to directly impact the company's income statement, generating income, ROI and profit.

Reading this definition, the only and great difference with traditional marketing would be that online marketing is going to do it only in the digital world, multi-channel and multi-platform.

To this day, this is not entirely true because there is more talk of 360 Digital Marketing Strategies, which hybridize offline marketing and online marketing. We cannot forget that after all, that client who is behind a screen is still a person, with a social life, emotions, surroundings, feelings ...

In this sense, digital marketing is nourished by methodologies and tools to achieve its objectives. These range from SEO to Social Networks, Social Ads (Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin mainly in Spain), SEM Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Affiliate Networks, Email Marketing, Programmatic Advertising or RTB, digital analytics, Inbound Marketing, Grow Hacking… .is what are called traffic sources or web traffic channels.

All to get that unknown person become a visitor to a web page or user and end up converting, one or more times. From leaving a lead to generating a sale.

That simple, and that complex.

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