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Community Manager

The management of the online community is called Social Media or Community Manager

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Social Media

Community Manager

First of all, we are going to frame the figure of the community manager within the structure of the digital marketing department.

The definition we like is: The Community Manager is a digital marketing professional responsible for the management and development of the online community of a brand or company in the digital world.

In these management and development roles, you must augment the community to spot potential customers and specifiers. Once detected, establish lasting and stable relationships with them. Relationships that contribute to the final achievement of the brand's digital marketing objectives: sell more.

Social Media Goals

To do this, it must meet the following specific objectives for its area of action:

Work and improve the visibility of the brand in the digital world. What will directly affect the digital visibility index and online reputation.

Increase community with a high value approach. Quantity is no longer valid but we must look for quality (Followers that are active, share, comment and finally buy the brand's products or services).

Generation of qualified social web traffic that ends up converting. Establish the total number of visits derived from the management of social networks to the corporate website or commercial landing.

Establish relationships with clients, prescribers and influencers in the sector.

Social Media Methodology

Like all digital marketing professionals, the management of the community manager requires a professional methodology for the correct implementation.

In this way, the work of the community manager will be transparent, gained in credibility, trust and professionalism.


Achieve the social media goals.


Monitor the brand. You have to know at all times what they say about the company, its products and services. If they are positive, negative or neutral comments. Monitoring of all indicators and kpis.


Performing the publication schedule for each social network. This entails previously establishing the strategic content lines for the brand for each social network.


Generate digital communication to establish relationships with the community, prescribers, clients and users interested in our content.


Analysis of the activity of the main competitors of the brand.


Identify the influencers and opinion leaders in my sector to establish synergies and relationships with them.

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Social Media

What does a Community Manager do?

The profile of the community manager (social media) navigates between the management of online or digital communication and digital marketing, as it must meet the objectives and establish an action plan.

As a community manager you will have a specific strategy and objectives, which will contribute to the brand's Social Media objectives and strategy. And in turn to the objective and general strategy of digital marketing of the organization.

In this scheme, the community must add value in the following 4 areas:

1. Content creation and management.

2. Analytics. Monitoring of all parameters: engagement, community growth, ROI, social web traffic ...

3. Communication with the community. Establish two-way dialogues, create audiences, humanize the brand and generate value.

4. Planning of digital marketing actions.

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